Smart Green Tunisia Makeathon

What interest you more❓ Artificial Intelligence or is it Robotics or even IoT and Green Energy together❓ In fact, why not all at once❓

Everything is possible at our SMART GREEN TUNISIA MAKEATHON, where you’ll have the chance to choose among challenges in various fields.
Here you’ll find the themes we are proposing at our MAKEATHON

Recent developments in the robotics world has made robots more user friendly, intelligent, and most importantly affordable. With these benefits, it is no wonder to have the door for their use in almost every field wide open. We have also experimented a lot on these technologies during the previous editions of the Makeathon in Europe and this time will be no different, so bring your motivation and be ready to build.
When it comes to manufacturing, many tend to think that minimizing human error is the key to improving production quality and efficiency. But it is, in fact the result of a well-managed combination of good technology, good machines, and good human craftsmanship and oversight.
That is where the term smart production or manufacturing comes from, a theme we believe our participant deserve to discover for its huge importance.
Just about anything you can think of is the result of complex processes. Without talented individuals to design, build, improve, and maintain these processes, these technological advances would never have occurred and future innovations would be impossible. Without automation our world and our future would be very different.
During this Makeathon, you will get to build solutions to automate tasks once performed by human beings or to tasks that would otherwise be impossible.
Climate change and its direct consequences (e.g. hurricanes, drought) are major threats for humankind.
In the future, we need to rethink our way of life and generate green energy from natural resources, e.g. wind, sun, geothermal power and tide energy.
We seek to raise a greater awareness through Green energy solutions as Tunisia has a huge potential thanks to its constant sunshine and strong offshore winds which can be a source of renewable energy.
Today, Artificial intelligence technologies are increasingly being incorporated to make smarter decisions, faster. An example would be to improve the accuracy of renewable energy forecasting as in the face of the consistent challenge with renewable energy sources’ unreliability.
Along with the era of relative welfare come the challenge of a better health and longer lives for people. However, smart health holds the answer. With the use of the internet of things and new technologies, the possibilities are endless.
Smart Mobility represents an intelligent urban transportation system.
It is about developing new sharing concepts by using smart grid concepts to make its benefits accessible for a larger audience: energy efficiency, low-carbon technologies and affordable mobility…
Besides continuous research in this field, we have already built a first prototype of a bike sharing system to solve the lack of parking spaces in Las Palmas not to mention our bamboo solar car project.
IOT means things that everything we use in our daily life is now connected with the internet. Coffee makers, cell phones, lamps, washing machines, wearable devices and anything one can think of. You will incorporate this concept into your prototypes and show how this technology can change our lives and transform everything from our habits, rituals, ideas and living style.
Imagine your city being smart, being able to respond, in real-time, to its ever-changing environment. We want you to let your imaginations run wild and build the future you dream of today! You lead the way towards of transition into more intelligent, sustainable urbanized environments.
Blurring boundaries between your home and yourself come as a result of the future concepts we have in mind:
automatic light adjustment, adapted room temperature and custom music tailored to individual preferences as well as your daily mood which is detected by smart devices.
By this, we aim for an enhanced quality of life and a conscious use of natural resources.
In order to help customers making their homes smart and green, we provide them with adjusted solutions that we create through a constant thinking outside the box.
Date: 21.09.-24.09.2019
Registration: 08:00 till 09:00
Time: From 09:00 till 19:00
Location: Laico Hotel, Escale Room, Tunis
Duration: 48 hours full of innovation
Participants: Programmers, Developers, Engineers, Designers, Innovators, IT-specialist and all interested persons
Interdisciplinary team: A group of people with various competencies
Material: Free hardware for every team
Catering: Free drinks and snacks
T-Shirts: Everyone will get a MAKEATHON T-Shirt
Networking: Meet and communicate with companies as well as successful practitioners
Business challenges: Work out real business challenges and develop an innovative prototype
Prize: The winning team will be sponsored to participate at the next “SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHON 2020” in Gran Canaria
Are you interested in? Than just be a part of our SMART GREEN TUNISIA MAKEATHON and join us as a Sponsor, Partner or as a Participant!
We are looking forward to seeing you at our MAKEATHON!
Many Thanks to our MAKEATHON Sponsors and Partners!
Thank You To All Our Sponsors, Partners and Investors! 
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